Too Faced Natural Love Palette Review 

How’s your Sunday going?  I’m on vacation in Southern California and was only able to bring three eyeshadow palettes.  I brought the  Too Faced Natural Love Palette, the Huda Rose Gold Palette and the Manny x Makeup Geek palette (let me know if you’d like to see a review on those palettes too).

I’ve read and watched on YouTube so many reviews on the Natural Love palette.  Quite a few reviews that I saw were negative, and I have to say that I actually don’t agree with them.  I’m happy to finally have a palette this isn’t purely warm toned and I like having the light pinks and purples.

One of the reviews I watched said that it didn’t last on them the full day and I had the complete opposite opinion, mine lasted from 7am to 10pm with no visible fading.

I will say that the shadows were slightly dry, but they blended well.  Another criticism that I have is that there’s not enough matte midtoned shadows between Honey Butter and Makeup &Chill.

I will definitely be using this palette on repeat.  I’d rate it 4/5 because I don’t have quite a few of these colors and it did last all day and look beautiful.  I even had random people at the gas station comment on my eye shadow.  Please see above for the swatches of my favorite colors and shade names.  Have you tried this palette? What are your favorite shades? If you haven’t tried it, why?


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