May Beauty, Hair, and Skin Care Favorites

Happy June!  I am so insanely excited that the weather is finally warmer and that it’s almost SUMMER!  I guess since I’m no longer in school (and haven’t been for a while) it’s not as exciting for me as it is for some of you.  But, Summer to me means warm nights outside on our patio watching movies and eating dinner, fun dresses, and NO MORE RAIN!  We have gotten so much rain in California this year that we are completely out of the drought *cue cheers* but the consistent rain can really weigh on you.  So, without further ado, let’s get to the products!


Wonderskin- Skin Perfected Body Foundation –This is something that I didn’t know I needed and I didn’t even necessarily want.  Lol wow, how things change.  I tried it out and it instantly made my skin looked airbrushed!  The first day I used it was for a Memorial Day party.  I had no issue with it rubbing off on my clothes and I felt way more confident with it on.  This will definitely be something I continue using for months.

Benefit Cheek Parade Palette –This palette is a wonderful value if you don’t have the Cheekathon already.  For $58 you get 2 bronzers, 2 blushes and a highlight.  They all work seamlessly together and are absolute perfection!  The only color that I had previously was Hoola and I’ve hit pan on it a couple of times.  I use this every single day and bring it with me traveling because it does contain everything.

Pur Dream Chaser Vanity Palette I love that this is a all-in-one palette of blush, bronzer, highlight and eye shadows.  The shades are all sooooo pigmented and beautiful.  I have been using it before work to help shed minutes off my morning routine and I am so happy with out my makeup turns out.

Huda Rose Gold Palette- I don’t know what took me so long to jump on the Huda train, but I’m not looking back! These shadows are so nicely pigmented, blendable, and buildable.   They also have a lot of pop to take you from day-to-night.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder -I’ve been loving this setting powder for years! It is pricy, but it just makes my makeup look finished.  It also has NO FLASHBACK, which is huge.

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit –  These are my favorite highlights hands down right now. I’m not going to talk about it too much, since it’s not available online anymore (I linked someone selling it on Amazon, since I can’t find it online for the regular price anymore).  I heard you can still find it inside some Sephora stores.  If you see it, don’t hesitate to pick it up.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick– I love these lipsticks, especially for summer.  I really want to wear something that looks a little more natural and doesn’t dry out my lips in the summer and these fit it bill.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they have the cutest packaging.  I will have to say that my one hesitation with YSL Beauty is that they aren’t cruelty free.  I really wish they would change that.

Estee Lauder Double Wear- This foundation is my go-to Holy Grail foundation.  Even on days when I reach for my Marc Jacobs foundation, I still will mix it with this.  However, I do want to mention that the Lancôme foundation is becoming a close second…

YSL The Shock Mascara – This is an absolute favorite.  I originally got it as a 100 point Sephora reward and I haven’t put it down since! It gives my lashes such amazing length and volume!

House of Lashes- Disney Tinkerbell Collection– The Disney Tink “Just Wing It” lashes are my favorite lashes hands down.  I love that they are dramatic, but only on the outside.  They are perfect for date night to look extra flirty.  THEY’RE ALSO ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!!! **PRO TIP**I cut each lashe into three pieces before I apply them for a better, more comfortable fit.


Mario Badescu- Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater- This is so refreshing and I just love the amazing smell.

Clinique Smart Repair Serum- A forever favorite of mine. I use this serum day and night.  It really makes the hyper-pigmentation on my skin fade quickly.


Tangle Teezer I thought these were all hype and I didn’t really like the price point.  I figured that my hair was fine with my typical hair brush (even though it would sometimes break because while I have very fine hair, it is thick and tangles A LOT)…. Well, I was wrong.  If your hair is prone to tangling, like mine, I highly recommend this!

Davines OI All In One Milk- I love using this after a shower to help keep my hair stong and protected and to also help with the detangling.  There is an amazing smell left on your hair after that I get complimented on all the time.

Thanks so much for reading! Did any of these products sound like something you’d love? What products have you been obsessing over lately? Share your thoughts in a comment down below! 🙂

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance if you decide to use one of my links to make your purchase (at no additional cost to you). I sincerely appreciate your support!



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12 thoughts on “May Beauty, Hair, and Skin Care Favorites

  1. Melissa

    Your blog is so fun to read! 💕
    I want to test more of your brand/products! 💕 I use YSL and Laura Mercier every week, some day! YSL lipstick is very nice and have right color! Today I paint my toenails with a swedish product! Acrylic nailpolish in red color! 💕 Use it in ledlight/uvlight in 60 sec! It will be cured in this light! A very strong product! 💕 Love it! 💕 💋 😊 🌸

    Kind regards


  2. Ginny

    I just bought the Laura Mercier powder for the first time after scoffing at the price point and I’m now a believer! I am looking for a good foundation- will give the Estée Lauder a whirl. Thanks for this blog. Your tips and suggestions are really helpful!


  3. I was so excited because I won the Huda Rose Gold palette on a Giveaway on Twitter. I don’t think the girl who did the GA was a scammer because she has a loyal following and she tweets on a regular basis. She seems nice, but she says she lost her job. So disappointing. On one hand I feel very sorry for her, and on the selfish side its the first thing I’ve won and the first high end eye shadow I’ve ever had a chance of owning. Its also the first exciting thing to happen to me since I lost my job. So I’ve been pretty obsessed over this palette since that happened, now that I know it was almost mine. Lol.


      1. Awe thanks for the support. Luckily, she got another job and I’m hoping to go back to work after my surgery, so thats all good. Just brought it up to explain why I became obsessed with the Huda palette. I’m from a small town and didn’t even know about it until the contest win. Now I know what I’m too broke to afford. Lol. So many beautiful beauty products out there.


      2. That’s wonderful that she was able to find one. I hope everything went well with your surgery and I agree so many beautiful products out there.
        I was obsessed because of all of the pictures on Instagram. When I read reviews on the palette they weren’t great, so I originally wasn’t going to purchase it. I’m sooo happy I did. If you do get an opportunity in the future to purchase it, and you like warm toned eye shadows, I would definitely recommend it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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