Pairing Rustic with Glam- JORD Wood Watches & $100 GIVEAWAY!


I know this is not a review that I typically would add to my blog since it has very little to do with makeup/ hair/ skin, but the beauty of being a blogger is that you get to discover and meet so many wonderful brands.  When I was first approached by JORD, I wasn’t necessarily sure how I felt about wood watches, or working with a watch company in general.  I’m sure you can imagine, I get a lot of random emails from companies/ people requesting various things from me.  I respectfully decline a lot of offers, or maybe send them to someone that might be a better fit.  However, trying not to judge, I went to the JORD website and FELL IN LOVE with this rose gold unique watch and truly thought that I couldn’t keep a beauty like this to myself!  I was also very pleasantly surprised how nice and accommodating the person I was working with was, truly just a kind human!

*This post is sponsored by JORD, but the opinions are mine*


The Watch:


I chose this watch: Koa and Rose Gold

When I first received my package from JORD Wood Watches, I was shocked even before seeing the watch.   Everything about the package was stunning and luxurious.  I even loved the wooden box that it came in.  My sweet husband that is never really impressed or excited about my beauty blogging even made a comment about how nice the watch was and how he would like one for himself!  Sorry, Hubby, you can’t have mine, enter the giveaway like everyone else.  lol.  This watch would make a seriously stunning gift.  I’m actually now kicking myself that I got him an overpriced “man crate” for our anniversary & not a watch!


My watch arrived and as expected, it’s beautiful and compliments my style perfectly, but because it’s made out of wood instead of metal, it’s also incredibly light.   There are so many beautiful designs to look through!  Another thing that REALLY excites me about my JORD Wood Watch is that it doesn’t need a battery!!! The watch powers itself by an internal pendulum that swings solely from the power of the movement of your wrist throughout the day. The prices vary depending on what watch you would like to buy but Women’s watches range from about $139 – $275 USD.

Here’s your chance to win a $100 gift card! Yep, that’s right… $100. Simply CLICK HERE and fill out a short giveaway form. Good luck!

Plus, everyone who enters will automatically win a $25 gift card. Giveaway ends August 13th at 11:59PSTBoth the $100 and the $25 gift card codes will expire on October 10th!


Wooden Wrist Watch


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