Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover… Beauty Edition…

I’d like to say that generally, I’m a nice person that doesn’t judge too much.  Well, at least 30 year old me is, 19 year old me was a bit of a brat, lol, but I digress.  I absolutely LOVE beauty blogging and feel so incredibly blessed to be sent products from some AMAZING companies… but, I don’t always love them or have to review them.  Typically, if I don’t like them, I don’t review them.  I recently was sent a few products that I was preparing to really dislike.  In fact, I wasn’t even going to try them.  I already judged them and had my mind made up that they weren’t something that I was going to enjoy.  Well, I was WRONG (at least with these products) and I’d be interested to hear your first thoughts when looking at them too!

Don't Judge a Book By It's COver.jpg


Givenchy Matissime Blender (beauty sponge)– this sponge has such a unique shape.  It’s really pointy on both ends.  When trying to use it like a regular beauty blender, I had a few HUGE fail moments…. when I decided to use it for underneath my eyes and around my eyes, my world was changed!!! lol!  I kid you not, when I usually apply foundation with my beauty blender, I always have this spot in the very inner corner of my eye that isn’t blended very well, and it drives me ABSOLUTELY BONKERS.  I haven’t had that issue since I stared using this and I will definitely be purchasing it when mine get gross and too used.


POSHPEEL™ PEDI CURE I’m going to do a whole blog post on this, so I don’t want to detail my experience too much, but it turned me into a lizard and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!  My feet have never felt so soft.  If you get curious about Patchology products before I have a chance to put the blog post up, my non affiliated discount code is UGLOWGIRL for 25% off at


Kenzoki Sensual Bare Body Creamthis is definitely one of the pricier lotions that I have used, but a little bit goes a long way and it makes my skin feel silky smooth. It’s unlike any other lotion I have every used.  Also, the smell is very pleasant, almost like a faint baby powder smell.  I loved it and my husband who is very smell sensitive loved it too.  Anything that has a scent that he can stand, is definitely impressive in my book!


Wonder Skin Body foundation- Last, but DEFINITELY not least is the Wonderskin body foundation.  I know I already talked about this in my first favorites post, but I’m seriously OBSESSED.  I told my best friend about it and she had the same initial reaction that I did, “WHY WOULD I EVER WEAR FOUNDATION ON MY BODY?!?”  Well, after a few minutes of convincing, she tried it on her stretch marks, and it covered every single one and looked so incredibly natural.  It’s such a nice thing to own, especially if you are going to a last minute party and didn’t have time to self tan, or if you have something that you are self conscious about.  For me, my upper arms seem to get redness and flushed.  It’s so strange.  I don’t know why and people ask me all the time if I’m sun burnt… Nope, not sun burnt, just have weird skin there.  Now since I started using this body foundation, I haven’t been asked that at all.

What are some products have your tried either recently or in the that past that surprised you?

glitter with love




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