How to remove calluses; Patchology- PoshPeel™ Pedi Cure & Discount Code

I love wearing sandals and open toe shoes, it helps keep me cool and and I just love the feminine styles.  However, my heels can get cracked and I really needed to find something to solve it.  Even pedicures wouldn’t fix it all the way.  Maybe because when they are scrubbing my feet I freak out and laugh uncontrollably.  Anyone else have super ticklish feet?  I was watching @KateLovesMakeup1 Instagram stories and she was talking about Patchology PoshPeel™ Pedi Cure.  It did wonders for her.  Considering she’s someone I talk to from time to time, I trusted her opinion.    I immediately went onto Octoly and ordered one for myself.  I can’t wait to tell you about my experience with them.

Use UGLOWGIRL (non-affiliate) for 25% off for orders at

Remove Those Ugly Calluses.jpg

Day 1: Ok- I’m sitting here with my feet in this thing, 60 minutes for me is a long time to sit still.  I hope it works.

Day 2: Well, I guess it doesn’t work for everyone….

Day 3:  I’m so bummed that it didn’t work.

Day 4:  Oh no I think I got a blister on my foot from the heels I was wearing.

Day 5: I am a lizard queen- peel babies peel.

Day 6:  Wow, my skin really is feeling soft.  I haven’t had smooth skin like this on my feet in forever, I guess this really is working.

Day 7:  I am OBSESSED, I must tell everyone I know, and I must order more.

Cost: I think it’s pretty affordable considering how much it changed the skin on my feet.  I plan on repurchasing these over and over again.

  •  Cost of one treatment: $20 (after discount code $15)
  •  Cost of two treatments: $35 ($13.13 per treatment after discount code)

So that being said, it has been about 2 months since I tried it and I’m about to try my second PoshPeel Pedi Cure  If you would like pictures of the process please let me know.  After much debating, I decided not to add them to this blog post because I didn’t want to gross anyone out lol.  I emailed them because I was sooooo pleased with my results and asked if there was a discount code that I could share with my friends.  Please feel free to use UGLOWGIRL (non-affiliate) for 25% off at

Below are some other items from Patchology that I’m loving.  You can use the discount code for anything on their webpage.

Have you used these?  What do you do to keep your feet soft?





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