♡ The Scent of A Summer Rose ♡

I am obsessed with scents. I love things that smell great, candles, fragrances, you name it.  My husband and I almost always have a candle lit in our living room.  I love the smell, the packaging and the act of putting perfume on. I also find myself reaching for different scents for different occasions, so I thought I’d write about my favorite perfumes and the moods that match them!



Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

This is quite a sweet scent but in a more elegant way, it’s a more fancy than everyday smell so I’d wear it on a date night with the husband or a girls night out. This also sticks around pretty much all day, it’s so long lasting!  Viktor & Rolf’s BonBon is one of those sexy perfumes you just can’t get enough of. It is sensual, flowery, heady. I love perfumes that stand out from the crowd.It’s perfect for any age: sweet and sexy–playful, but not childish.This is definitely the most ‘seductive’ perfume I own, from the plum tones to the amazing bottle. I’d definitely wear this on a night out or a date night it’s such an elegant scent. This fragrance is listed as ‘floral’ scent, but in my opinion I would definitely consider more sweet and spicy scented.



Chloe Love Story

Chloe’s Love Story delivers. I was looking for a scent that was feminine but “musky enough.” Love Story is mature — less daisies and more cedarwood — and attractive.  I would consider it more date than family gathering appropriate.  The Love Story perfume lasts a long time, if you apply it onto the proper areas (wrists, behind the ears, neck, and behind the knees.


Prada Candy Florale

I love the smell of this perfume! It is not too strong where you can’t stand it yourself. I get complemented and asked all the time what I’m wearing. It is one of my favorite scents to wear any time for any occasion.  The scent is fresh, floral, light, and delicious. The scent is not overpowering.  I love this heavenly scent and wear it daily.


Fragrance.com reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in collaborating with them. They’re an online retailer of luxury brand name fragrances, makeup, skincare, and haircare, at discounted prices. Authentic name brands at discounted prices? AMAZING! It seems like they’re always having so many deals! Pretty much every fragrance I could think of I found on there and at such a huge discount!

If you guys would like to check out their site and look around to see what they have you can check it out here : Fragrance.com

I am not affiliated with them or being paid to give a good review. These are my honest thoughts and my experience with this company. I was given these products to try and I can say I am very pleased by the outcome. Enough so that I’m making a list of what I’m going to order soon. 🙂 Thanks again to Fragrance.com!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Do you like any of these perfumes, if not what is your signature scent? Thanks for reading!



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