Are Artis Brushes Worth The MoneyπŸ’°?

I’m sure if you’re here, you’ve heard of Artis Brushes before. I saw my favorite influencers/ YouTubers using them and immediately fell in love with the beautiful and unique design. According to my favorite YouTubers the application was flawless too…. so clearly I needed a set… (I’m easily influenced). I went online to buy some and had immediate sticker shock at the price!!! These amazing gorgeous brushes that I just needed were way more expensive than a Morphe brush!!! But why?!?!

So, I finally had a chance to try these beauties out, and let me tell you, THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I was lucky enough to speak with an Artis employee before using these brushes, so I felt excited and ready to try them out. We discussed the Artis brushes Do’s and Dont’s and I was so happy they they have a guide on their website. If you’d like to read them, click here.

I received the Oval 3, Linear 1, and Oval 6 brushes. It also came with a brush cleaning pad and brush cleaning foam to make it super easy to switch back and forth between colors.Β  The three brushes and cleaning materials I have are valued at $164, but are on HSN right now for $95. That is definitely not a small price tag. However, these brushes are completely unique. They are made completely of fibers, not brush hairs. The fibers are so thick that they don’t absorb the product like a regular brush with hair would, much less product is wasted.Β  They also create more of an airbrushed look and glide the product on your face so much smoother than a typical brush would. The three brushes were enough to do my whole face.

Oval 6 brush

  • For application of foundation, contour and blush

Linear 1 brush

  • Used to create a thin line of product along the lashes or to perfect the brow

Oval 3 brush

  • For applying eye shadow or concealer to smaller areas on the face
  • Great for applying soft lip color

When I first used the brushes I was surprised how much foundation I had left over. I typically will use two pumps of foundation on a day to day basis.Β  With the Artis brushes, I only need 1 pump of foundation. So, that in itself is amazing, I didn’t realize how much product I was wasting. I also liked that there weren’t brush stokes left on my skin, that was a major problem I had before using my old Morphe 439 foundation brush.Β  Before, I would have to use both the M439 foundation brush and the beauty blender to get aΒ  smooth finish, now I only have to use the Artis brush. Lastly, I liked that the brushes glide so smoothly over my skin that I felt like I wasn’t tugging on my skin like some of my other brushes can tend to do.

The stand out brush to me was surprisingly the linear 1 brush. I wasn’t even excited about that brush at all until I was talking to my friend Mandi (@ammerk81 on Instagram) about it and she mentioned how amazing it was for nose contour. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about that before talking to her! It was the easiest and best I have ever contoured my nose, hands down! I was in complete awe about how good and natural the contour looked. It was also sooo easy!!!

So, while it’s hard for me to say if YOU need the brushes since I don’t know what you already own and the price point is a little higher…. I will definitely say that I LOVE these brushes and I don’t see myself putting them down for a long time. Doing my whole face with 3 brushes is saving me space on my bathroom vanity (which I need). My foundation application is so much smoother, I’m using SO MUCH LESS foundation, and lastly, I’m so excited to FINALLY get a natural looking nose contour!! I will absolutely be adding more of these brushes to my collection when my budget allows.

Have you tried Artis brushes?? Have they been on your wish list??


2 thoughts on “Are Artis Brushes Worth The MoneyπŸ’°?

  1. VintageJane66

    I have seen these on YouTube and HSN. Have been considering. I am a skincare addict but just getting into makeup at a late age. I just found you on IG and followed. Do you have a YouTube channel?


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