Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Review & Swatch

Are you considering getting the new Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette?  This eyeshadow palette has been hyped up for the past few months on Instagram and is finally going to be for sale on September 18th on Hudabeauty’s website.   This is the second eyeshadow palette produced by Huda Beauty.  The first palette was known as a holy grail palette for many people (including myself).  Is the second eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty as good?  Is it worth the hype?  I received the palette yesterday.  I can’t wait to tell you my thoughts…..






I was so excited and anticipating the delivery driver’s arrival all day.  While I was waiting I decided to watch a few reviews of the Desert Dusk palette on YouTube.  I saw a few great reviews and one negative review.   I always figure there’s going to be someone trying to get followers and subscribers by giving a controversial review, so I went into these swatches with an open mind, but knowing there’s a possibility I could be disappointed.


This palette, just like it’s predecessor, is  Talc Free.  It has 8 Matte shades, 6 Pressed Pearl Shades, 3 Duo Chrome Toppers, and 1 Pure Glitter.


The Matte Shades are highly pigmented and blend really easily.  img_7118


The 6 Pressed Pearls shades have a great shine.  I was able to use them easily with a flat synthetic brush.  However, just like most metallic shades, they work even better with a finger and with a little water.  These shadows are so beautiful and look amazing when the light hits them.  I’m so happy that Angelic (from the original Rose Gold Palette) was also included in this palette.

The 3 Duo Chrome Toppers are my favorite shades in the entire palette.  Twilight is what dreams are made of, it’s such a unique and beautiful color.  The shades can transform based on their base shadow.  They look great with no base, but if you put it on top of a matte shadow as a base, the matte colors can transform the Duo Chrome Toppers into unique new colors.

Below are a couple of swatches of the Duo Chrome Toppers with different matte shadows from the palette.



Here are the Duo Chrome shades without a matte shadow base.


Lastly, there is one pure glitter color (Cosmo).  This color is beautiful and can be used as a shadow or liner.  Just an FYI It takes a second for it to dry down.  In my opinion, you don’t actually need a glitter glue with this shade, but it’s probably a good idea if you don’t want it to budge at all.


I also wanted to add that I loved that Huda listened to all of our feedback and added a beautiful LARGE mirror.  This palette is a great value in my opinion because of all of the unique textures and shades.  It also has more product (weight) than the Rose Gold Palette for the same price ($65).


What do you think?  Are you going to purchase this palette??  Let me know!



7 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Review & Swatch

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  2. Kari K

    Amazing review! So detailed and honest ❤💕 Those duochrome are my favourites too 😍 you are so talented, the swatches are the best ones of this palette I’ve seen so far 👏🙌


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