Huda Beauty | Rose Gold vs Desert Dusk| Do You Need Both?

I love eye shadow, my husband would probably classify me as an eye shadow hoarder actually.   There’s just something about doing my eye makeup that just makes me feel like I’m an “artist.”  However, I won’t “hoard” all eye shadow palettes, I’m very picky when it comes to all makeup, but eye shadow especially. It just has to feel right for me. The first eye shadow palette that Huda Beauty released, the Rose Gold palette was very highly coveted and almost always sold out.  I was able to buy one about 6 months ago and I use it all the time.  When Huda Kattan (aka Huda Beauty) released a statement saying she was going to be releasing a new eye shadow palette, the beauty community freaked out.  For those of you that already own the Rose Gold palette, I wanted to do a quick comparison and swatch so you can decide if you need both.


When I posted my pictures and first blog post about the Desert Dusk palette, I got quite a few messages asking if the second one was any different than the first and if it was worth having both.  So, instead of answering the question 20 times in a less detailed manner, I decided to write an in depth blog post.  Obviously, everyone’s opinion is going to be slightly different, but here are my thoughts.

Colors & Formula

Desert Dusk Palette:


The Desert Dusk palette is inspired by the rich colors of the Middle East (Huda lives in Dubai).  There are eighteen eye shadows with multiple formulas.  According to Huda’s Instagram page:

“The colors of the desert at dusk became the perfect inspiration for pops of color and iridescent, shifting shades that transform with the light. The multi-hued tones of the sand and shimmering dunes I’ve fallen in love with are brought to life in the nude matte shades and pearlescent golden and bronze textures.”

  • 8 reformulated matte shades
  • 6 pressed pearls
  • 3 duo-chrome ‘toppers’ which can be used alone or layered
  • 1 pure glitter
  • 1 shade (Angelic) is a repeat from the Rose Gold palette.  It is actually my favorite and most used shade from the Rose Gold palette, so I was VERY happy to see it in the Desert Dusk palette. It appears to be reformulated in the Desert Dusk palette as the color is slightly different.

Click here to see the previous blog post that has swatches of the Desert Dusk palette.

Rose gold Palette:

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Shadows Palette contains eighteen eyeshadows with a mix of matte and metallic finishes across mostly warm-toned hues.  Per Huda’s blog post, when she introduced us to the Rose Gold Palette:

“I literally dreamt about these colors and I can’t believe it’s finally here! I spent so much time making sure the colors were PERFECT…something not only I would use as a beauty connoisseur but ones that I really hope you would absolutely fall in love with too.”

  • 10 matte shades
  • 6 metal shades
  • 2 pressed pearls

The one shade that I wish that the Desert Dusk palette had, would be a nice matte black.  I love that the Rose Gold palette has a black shade and I think a black shade in the Desert Dusk palette would be a good addition.  It’s hard to compare the colors of the two palettes, as every individual has different color preferences.  I really think the two palettes would be great to pair together while going on vacation, or just for use on your vanity on a day to day basis.  There are 3 colors that I think are similar enough to call “dupes.”  Otherwise, the shades are fairly different.  In my opinion the Rose Gold palette is much more warmed toned neutral, while the new Desert Dusk palette is a little more bold and sultry with the addition of the purples, oranges and the duo-chrome toppers.


Both of the palettes are absolutely beautiful.  I do like the packaging of both palettes.  I know that some have complained that there is no mirror in the Rose Gold palette, but it’s not something that bothered me since I never seem to use the mirrors in the palettes.  HOWEVER, I love that Huda listened to her fans and consumers and added a mirror to the Desert Dusk palette.  The mirror is a LARGE and nice mirror.  If I had to pick, I would choose the packaging of the Desert Dusk palette over the Rose Gold palette as it does feel more hefty with the mirror.


The best way to understand the price and value of any makeup product is to do a little math and comparison. Take the retail price of a product and divide it by the product’s weight. That will give you the price per product ounce/gram/etc. That’s the only true way to understand what you’re paying for and if you’re getting a good value for your money. It’s also the only way to compare “apples to apples” per se.  Please see the table below.  There you’ll notice how affordable the Huda Desert Dusk palette is compared to some other eye shadow palette favorite.  Specifically, look at the last column which shows the price per gram. That’s the actual price you’re paying for each of these products.

You may be quite shocked after seeing the comparison above. While some brands seem more affordable on the surface, they’re actually not as cheap as they may seem when you consider the quantity of product you actually pay for and receive.

Where you can purchase:

The Rose Gold Palette is being discontinued and will no longer be available to purchase after October 2017.

The Desert Dusk Palette will be available globally September 18th: Online at Sephora, Cult Beauty, and Shop Huda Beauty.  It will be available in stores at Harrods in the UAE at Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Center, and Yas Mall / across Europe at selected retailers.

The Verdict:

I hate to say, that I wouldn’t choose.  I would purchase both palettes.  I think they are different enough and compliment each other well.  Also, I love the beautiful and unique colors.  So many of the colors in each of the palettes are unique and colors that I didn’t own prior to owning these palettes.


I hope this review helped you make your decision on if you will buy the new Desert Dusk Palette.  Please let me know if there are any other palette comparisons that you would like to see.



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