The Best Makeup Geek Eyeshadows


I have been collecting Makeup Geek Eyeshadows steadily for years now… basically since I first heard about them while watching a YouTube tutorial from Jaclyn Hill.  If you haven’t purchased their shadows before, the shadows come packaged in a little paper envelope, ready for the naked pans to be popped in a magnetic palette.  There’s many options of places to buy empty palettes, I used to only purchase Z-Palettes, but since their recent controversy (click here if you’re interested) I decided I don’t want to purchase from them anymore.   What’s nice about having single shadows is the versatility.  I switch my palettes around all of the time depending on the season or if I’m going out of town.  I’ll rearrange and put all my favorites in one palette for a easy-to-find everyday palette. That’s what’s so nice with these magnetic palettes, you can rearrange them over and over and over again. I’ve depotted so many of my items that sometimes I’ll just bring one of the custom palettes that I made on vacation to try and save space in my luggage, instead of bringing multiple palettes because I want a specific color from each.


Makeup Geek has three eyeshadow formulas, the classics that they’ve had for many years ($6 a piece), Foiled shadows ($10 a piece), and DuoChrome shadows ($6 a piece).   My favorite formula of the three would have to be the Foiled shadows.  These Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows are cream-to-powder hybrid shadows that have intense pigmentation, and does not require a primer to avoid creasing.  They also have the intensity and vibrancy of wet eyeshadows.  Almost all of my MakeupGeek eyeshadows are so soft and creamy, and have very little flaking and patchiness.  I have however had issues with Aphrodite and Burlesque.  Aphrodite was very dry (unusual for a MUG eyeshadow) and Burlesque actually crumpled while I was swatching it.  You can see I tried to put Burlesque back together in the last picture.

Click here to check out the MakeupGeek website (not affiliate)

Time for swatches! Applied on bare, dry skin.


What do you think?  What are your favorite MakeupGeek Eyeshadows?  Let me know in the comments!



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