House of Lashes Radiant Lash

Hi Friends!  It’s no secret, if you’re following me on Instagram, that I absolutely LOVE House of Lashes.  They are a company that is always giving back to their followers and customers.  Every time I use their lashes, I’m always thrilled with how easy they are to put on and their AMAZING glue that really makes the lashes stick.


They recently added a new lash to their collection, the Radiant Lash. The Radiant Lash is beautiful and amazing quality, like all of their lashes.  But, what makes this lash special is that House of Lashes partnered with the Keep a Breast Foundation to create these.  If you haven’t heard of Keep a Breast Foundation before (don’t worry, I haven’t either), their mission is to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support.  How amazing, right?!  $1 from the sale of each Radiant lash will be donated directly to Keep a Breast.

To give you a little more information about the Radiant lash.  It’s is:
  • Full Density, Full volume
  • Flared, wispy ends, multilayered
  • Triple layered
  • Reference: Iconic + Siren stacked


Click HERE to be directed to their site.

For a chance to be featured on the House Of Lashes Instagram page, be sure to use #RadiantLashes & #HouseofLashes
Have a wonderful weekend!

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