Tartelette Toasted vs Urban Decay Naked Heat

I wanted to do a quick blog post comparing these new hyped up palettes by Urban Decay and Tarte Cosmetics.   There was definitely some controversy when the new Tartelette Toasted palette was released.  A lot of people starting comparing it to the Urban Decay Heat palette that was released at the end of July 2017 (2.5 months before the Toasted palette was released).


Colors/ Swatches:

img_8647-1The Tartelette Toasted palette has 12 warm toned shadows.  There is a good mix of neutrals and shimmers in the palette.  My favorite colors in the palette are Candle, Latte and Flame.  My least favorite is Crackle as it has some glitter fall out, but it’s still a beautiful shade.

img_8682The Urban Decay Heat palette is utter perfection for reds and warm toned lovers.  My favorite shades in this palette are Lumbre, Low Blow and Cayenne.  My least favorite colors is Ember.  I just can’t see myself using it.

img_8713The urbandecayheat vs the tartelettetoasted palette…. this picture has little to no editing because I really want you to be able to see the colors and decide for yourself.




The Tartelette palette is $46, has 12 shadows, and contains 18 grams of eyeshadow.

The Naked Heat palette is $54, has 12 shadows, and contains 15.6 grams of eyeshadow, putting the Naked Heat more expensive per gram than the Natasha Denona.

Since most people won’t finish an entire eye shadow palette, price per gram might not interest you, but it is something to think about….

tarte vs ud.JPG


They are both so beautiful and blend out well.  The Urban Decay palette did not swatch well in my opinion, but performs so beautifully on the eyes.  The Toasted palette is actually my favorite of all of the Tarte palettes and performs beautifully while being swatched and on the eyes.  In my opinion, they are both quality eyeshadow palettes.


While I do really like both palettes and think there is room for both in my collection, if I had to pick one, I would pick the Tarte palette.  The main reason I would pick the Toasted palette is because it’s slightly more neutral and has a lot more of the lighter colors that I would wear to work on a day to day basis.  That being said, I am very light skinned, and my beautiful darker skinned friend prefers the Urban Decay Heat palette because those darker toned colors are more natural on her.


Which is your favorite? Do they swatch differently than you thought they would?


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