My Experience With Lip Fillers

I recently got fillers in my lips and wanted to share my experience with you in case any of you were considering doing it. I’m not promoting lip fillers in any way and I would encourage everyone to spend time thinking of the pros and cons of any cosmetic procedure before rushing into it.  No one NEEDS any cosmetic procedures like this, but I have been curious about fillers for quite some time, so I wanted to try them out.  Also, since they can be dissolved out if you don’t like them and they go away naturally in 8-10 months, I figured the risks were fairly minimal.


Above is a picture of me before and after.  The top picture is morning of my treatment, the bottom picture was one week after the treatment. As you can see my lips were never paper thin in the first place.  However, I wanted a bit more of a pout. I have never had filler in my lips before. About a week before my appointment I started to freak out about the swelling, pain and the bruising.  I didn’t want to go into work on Monday looking like a Real Housewife.

I went with my best friend Tiffany and it was so nice having her there to keep me relaxed.  Being numb was probably the worst part to me.  I was nervous about being able to swallow because I swallowed some of the numbing cream and I was having a hard time drinking water.  After about 20 minutes Dr Selene injected my lips with the filler concentrating on my top lip and putting a tiny amount into the bottom lip. It did sting a bit and my eyes did water slightly when we were doing the bottom lip but it wasn’t unbearable.  It’s really important to go to a Doctor that you trust.  I had 5 friends that already go to Dr Selene, so I knew that I was in good hands. The pain after the injections was minimal and I was actually able to go to a Birthday party that evening.  I looked pretty silly, but I didn’t want to miss my friends party since I felt ok.  Only the left side of my mouth really swelled and I had no bruising.

Here’s a picture of me on the way home from having the treatment done. My lips felt really swollen and quite hard. I couldn’t close my mouth properly and was embarrassed if anyone looked at me but I was excited for the swelling to go down and relieved that it was over.

The day after was the worst of the swelling. My lips were slightly lumpy from the trauma of the needle.  The left side of my lips is where I was the most affected.

The second day my lips had smoothed out and they weren’t so lumpy. I was no longer self conscious about looking like I has my lips done.  In fact, not one person at work noticed that I was swollen.

It’s highly advised you use a trained professional if you want the procedure as it will minimize the risk of something going wrong. There can be additional side effects and I did not speak to them as the only side effect I experienced was mild swelling.  If you have any questions about getting lip fillers feel free to leave me a message and I’ll try and help you the best I can. XOXO




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