Jord Wood Watch for Fall 2017 + $180 Giveaway

I’ve been so enthralled into the makeup world for the past year that I haven’t been paying too much attention to style.  But, recently after getting inspired by the upcoming Fall weather, I decided to start dressing up again. I’ve pulled out my sweaters and boots, started styling my hair a little more frequently, and started accessorizing.  One of my favorite ways to accessorize is with a watch.  I first became familiar with JORD Wood Watches in July when I hosted a giveaway with them.  It was easy to fall in love with this watch because it is beautiful and completely fits my style.  I’m also the worst at charging things, which is why I never seem to wear a watch.  I love that with my JORD watch, that isn’t something I need to worry about.   The wood of my watch goes well with all my neutral sweaters and it’s comfortable, never pinching my wrist or weighing me down!

This watch is really timeless to me and I’m so happy that I was able to get another as a present for my mom.  My mom and I have a really funny relationship.  We look nothing alike, but we have IDENTICAL personalities.  This also translates to style.  I knew my mom would love this watch as much as I do, which made me think, I’m sure some of my followers have similar styles as well and it would be really fun to do another giveaway.  JORD was so supportive and increased the amount of the giveaway from $100 to $180!

Here’s your chance to win a $180 gift card! Yep, that’s right… $180. Even if you don’t win you will receive a $25 code.  Simply CLICK HERE and fill out a short giveaway form. Good luck!
Giveaway ends 11/19, gift codes expire 12/19


Wooden Wrist Watch



6 thoughts on “Jord Wood Watch for Fall 2017 + $180 Giveaway

  1. Asmara amaan

    Amazing blog I just love it girl👍😍 awesome giveaway thanks for giving us a chance❤❤ you are really a kind person I have come to know😚 Stay blessed! Stay happy🍀

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