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I have heard a few people compare the two newest Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes (the Subculture and the Prism palette).  Enough so, that it seemed like a blog post is in order.  This will be short but sweet, but hopefully will help you make up your mind if you need one, both, or none.  In case you missed it, I did a post reviewing the Subculture palette here, and the Prism palette here.

Colors/ Swatches:


The Subculture palette has mostly matte shadows.  There are three shimmer/ duo chrome shades, making it more of an every day palette than a going out palette, in my opinion.  My favorite colors in the palette are Electric, New Wave, and Adorn.  My least favorite is Axis, as it is so pigmented, I had a hard time not making a mess with it.  This palette is known as the infamous Subculture palette. The Subculture was a palette meant to be edgy, away from mainstream.  It has a beautiful array of unique shades. If you were sick of every company coming out with a warm, neutral colored palette this was revolutionary.


The Prism Palette is described on the Sephora website as a luxe holiday eye shadow collection with 14 shades of universal neutrals and prismatic metallics.  I will definitely agree with that statement.  This palette screams Holiday/ Winter Wonderland to me.   My favorite shades in this palette are Lucid, Pyramid, and Eternal.  I want to note that I saw some people say that they had issues with Lucid.  I use my fingers with shimmer shades a lot of the time, so I have had no issues at all.  My least favorite color is Osiris.  It really is a beautiful color, but I just can’t see myself using it.  I really enjoyed using the Prism palette much more when I rearranged the colors in Photoshop.  It helped me visualize how to work the palette.


The Subculture Palette vs the Prism Palette…. this picture has little to no editing because I really want you to be able to see the colors and decide for yourself.


They both contain the same amount of product weight, both have 14 eyeshadows, and are $42.


The Subculture is very very pigmented with a slightly new formula that a lot of us aren’t used to, so you only need to tap your brush in once, don’t swirl your brush because they are very powdery if you do.  There are also reports of people having issues blending the eyeshadows in the Subculture palette.  I do have to say, this was not something that I experienced, other than with the Axis shade.   The Prism formula seems a lot more reminiscent to the Modern Renaissance palette.  It’s not overly pigmented, or pressed pigments.


The shadows in both palettes compliment the other palette. So you can use Subculture and Prism together to achieve so many gorgeous looks.  While I do really like both palettes and think there is room for both in my collection, if I had to pick one, I would pick the Prism palette.  The main reason I would pick the Prism palette is because it’s a little easier to work with, it’s limited edition, the formula reminds me more of the Modern Renaissance and I love the shimmer shades.

Which is your favorite? Do they swatch differently than you thought they would?



  1. Shayna Beining

    The prism palette is the very first palette I bought from ABH and I have to say I’m so-so about it, but I have this constant urge to keep trying it out. I love the colors and that matte shades really are to die for! They blend so easily, very pigmented and you only need to dip your brush in, which saves a lot of shadow for future uses. My only issue with this palette is that the shimmer shades are extremely patchy. I thought they would glide on easily, but no. They also tend to oxidize on the lid just a slightly more muted tone than what’s in the pan. Overall, I’m still getting used to this palette and I’m actually really looking forward to trying new looks with it.


  2. Never bought anything from ABH before but was actually leaning into buying the subculture palette for my sister a few months ago since she liked the Modern Renaissance so much. I am glad I didn’t, because she bought one for herself from Romania and regretted immediately. We both do not have great set of skills in makeup, and she wasn’t a pro mua either. She felt that using the Modern Renaissance made her feel like a pro because of how well the colors suit her. Unfortunately, the Subculture have done otherwise. It is more unfortunate because she can’t return it either. 😊


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