Beautylish Lucky Bag 2018

Did you order the Beautylish Lucky Bag?  Have you ordered one in the past? The Beautylish Lucky Bag is a wonderful annual tradition produced by global online beauty retailer Beautylish.  It’s an annual “mystery” box of beauty products that promises to be valued more than double the $75 or $150 prices that they cost.  It’s basically gambling for Beauty Addicts.  Last year, I decided that I didn’t want to take the risk and get a potentially terrible bag that I was never going to use.  However, this year I was feeling lucky and I decided to order the lucky bag from Beautylish.

They go on sale each year just after Christmas and are shipped in the new year. There are only a limited number available and in the past they have sold out pretty quickly.   Each bag contains a selection of products that are sold on, and it’s mostly popular, in-demand products.  There are 2 options available for purchase, and unfortunately if you live outside of the USA, you can only order the regular lucky bag:

  1. The regular Lucky Bag is $75 and you will receive products to the value of $150+
  2. The Lucky Bag XL is $150 and you will receive products to the value of $300+

Shipping costs extra which in the USA is $7 and international $15.

Well, enough about what the bag is, here’s what was inside of mine!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY -Instant Look in a Palette- this palette alone is worth $75.  I’ve had my eye on this palette for a while.  I have a few other shadows and powders from Charlotte Tilbury and their quality is amazing.  This item was a definitely hit for me!


WAYNE GOSS-  Brush 20 Eye Shadow Smudging Brush.  If you’re like me and love watching YouTube beauty tutorials, I’m sure you’ve heard of Wayne Goss.  He gives great reviews and helpful videos for all makeup lovers, especially those with hooded eyes.  I’ve always wanted to try one of his brushes and was very hopeful that I would have one in my lucky bag.  I guess today was my lucky day (I know lame joke, I’m sorry).  This brush is worth $22.


JOUER COSMETICS- Powder Highlighter Trio Set-  Jouer highlights are so beautiful and I’ve NEVER TRIED THEM.  Not sure why, but I just hadn’t.  I was happy to get an assortment in this box.  I’m happy that Beautylish asked about our skin tone while ordering the palette, as all three of these highlights could work with my fair skin.  The trio is worth $39.


SULWHASOO- First Care Activating Mask-  I like doing face masks and scrubs at home.  It can help relax me after a long day and can help my skin from looking too dull.  I probably use 1-2 face masks a week, so this will be used, but it definitely wasn’t an item that excited me.  That’s ok.   If you’re keeping track, my lucky bag was already worth $136, not including this mask.  Anything I get at this point is icing on the cupcake.   This mask is not sold individually at beautylish, but if it were, it would be around $12.


ORIBE- Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray-  This is not something that I knew I wanted or needed, but my beautiful friend Jessica (or Jessy with the good hair- as she should be called lol) who has some of the best hair I’ve ever seen, LOVES Oribe.  Therefore, I’m SO EXCITED to try it out.  The 2.1 fl oz size that I received is worth $22.


Lastly, I received the  Z•PALETTE Large Palette.  The palette is worth $20.  I don’t really want to support Z Palette after their controversy earlier in 2017 (I talk about it in this blog post and reference an article on it if you’re interested).  While this was an item I could have done without, I always need more storage for eye shadows, so I might just use it.


My box in total is worth more than $200 (after tax).  I’m really happy with it and will definitely try my luck again next year.

Thanks for reading.  Did you order the Beautylish Lucky Bag?  Is it something you are considering for future years?




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