Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered vs the Original


When Huda Beauty first released the original Rose Gold palette, I have to admit that I was not one of the first to run out and purchase it.  It seemed a little pricey to me and I wasn’t sure it was worth the cost.  Plus, if i recall correctly, it wasn’t at Sephora yet.  I wanted to be able to receive free shipping if I was going to purchase a $65 palette.  Fast forward a couple of months and I was dying to get my hands on it.  I had seen enough reviews to know that Huda Beauty eye shadows are great and that I needed them in my life.  Unfortunately, the palette was ALWAYS sold out. 

Once I finally had my very own Rose Gold palette, I was so excited and was able to do my favorite warm toned looks whenever I wanted (which was every day).  Little did we all know, Huda had decided that she can, and wanted, to give her fans something better.  She had started fine tuning her eyeshadow formula.  I know it’s very controversial, as some people feel cheated that they didn’t get the “better” palette.  However, I feel differently.  If someone has the original palette, they don’t need to purchase this new one.  In my opinion, this remastered version is for people who didn’t buy the original Rose Gold palette due to controversial reviews or any other reason that may have stopped them from purchasing the palette in the past.  I actually am having a hard time understanding people who are really angry about this, if you own and love original one, you should still use that palette.  The fact that the palette was remastered, doesn’t negate how much you love the original palette.  I’m never angry with Apple when they release a new iPhone, I don’t see how this is much different.  It has been years since the original palette was released and technology and her resources have changed.  My review is to help you be a more informed consumer.  I hope this helps you make your decision.

Here are my quick swatches of the old versus the new palette.  I really need to redo these when I have time to capture the picture in the sunlight.  The color story is the same, with some minor differences.  The biggest changes (in my opinion) are the four new colors, the mattes being more pigmented, and the different melted formula that doesn’t need to be used with your fingers.


This snippet was taken from Huda’s blog post about the remastered palette.  I have to say that I agree with everything that she said:

Mattes: Even more buttery and pigmented than before, our eight new mattes are talc-free and give MAJOR payoff that’s easy to put down, blend, and build. The shades: Risqué, Doll Face, Demure, Suede, Coco, Maneater, Henna, Sandalwood. Risqué is the new Bossy, with a richer plum red tone, Doll Face is a brighter red pink version of the old Flamingo shade, and Demure, the old Shy, is now a more muted coral pink.


Pigmentation and blending is better with the new palette. You can really notice it on my friends arm.

Also taken from Huda’s blog post, as she explains it best:

 Melted Metal: I’m so obsessed with this new addition! We’ve taken our unique foil formula and reinvented it in an even more lustrous finish, that can now be used with a brush, or for an extreme liquid metal finish, you can use your fingers. The shades: Dubai, Fling, Trust Fund, Rose Gold, Pink Diamond, a new soft metallic pink with a hint of silver, 24K, #Blessed, and Bubbly, a shimmering metallic champagne shade.

Pressed-pearl:  Similar to the shimmers in our previous palette, this pressed pearl gives stunning shimmer in a more buttery formula. I love using it for highlighting the inner corners and dusting across brow bones and cheekbones. The shade: Moon Dust.


The textured shadows have been replaced with smooth metallics. You can use either a finger or a flat synthetic brush.  For even more pop, mist the brush after product has been applied to it with some setting spray.

Who this palette is for:

I’m happy that Huda remastered this palette, but I do not think that everyone that already owns the original needs to run out and purchase this.  I think this palette is best for:

  • Anyone that doesn’t already own the original and likes the color story.
  • Makeup collectors that really want the new shades.
  • Anyone that has hit pan in their old palette that was considering ordering a new one anyway.

Final thoughts:

I absolutely love all of my Huda eyeshadow palettes.  I own all of the Obsession palettes and the original Rose Gold and the Desert Dusk palette.  The packaging on the original palette was one downside, so it’s nice that Huda has now upgraded the packaging and included a mirror. When it comes to the actual eyeshadow formula, the mattes are absolutely more pigmented and the shimmers have so much more dimension, and I LOVE the new pink diamond shade.  Also, it’s nice that you can now use a brush with the shimmer shades.   If you already own the original palette and you haven’t hit pan yet, it might be worth waiting to purchase this.  The matte colors looked almost the same when I used them on my eyes (I just had to build the color from the original a little bit more when using the mattes).

Are you going to pick the remastered palette up?




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