Aaliyah x Mac Collection & Swatches


I was so honored to receive the new Mac Cosmetics and Aaliyah Haughton Collection in the mail on Monday.  I was actually speechless when I opened the Pyramid shaped PR package.  Not only is the collection stunning, but growing up I was a fan of Aaliyah and remember trying to dance along to the “Try Again” music video in my living room with a friend.  I’ve been following the creation of the collection since Mac Cosmetics started releasing teasers in April.  It’s so interesting that the idea for the collection actually started as a change.org petition.  Over Twenty Five Thousand supporters signed the petition to have Aaliyah’s legacy reintroduced to a new generation by using makeup inspired by her memory.  One of the most special parts of the collection to me, is that Mac Cosmetics allowed Rashad Haughton (Aaliyah’s brother) to be a part of the creation of the collection.  Rashad Haughton, not only backed the idea of a Mac Cosmetics collection being created in the memory of his sister, but he even said that his sister was a big fan of MAC.  Per her brother, Aaliyah would wear Chestnut brown lip liner and Espresso eye shadow could be constantly be found in her makeup bag. Mac Cosmetics and Rashad built this collection off of Aaliyah’s actual makeup that her mother had saved since her passing.

The collection will be available June 20th online and June 21st in stores.  The collection is made up of twelve items: 4 Lipsticks $18.50/each • 4 Lipglasses/ $17.50 each • 2 Lip Pencils/ $18 each • 1 Bronzing Powder $28 • 1 Eyeshadow x 9/ $32

Below are swatches of the Eyeshadow palette (my favorite part of the collection):

In my opinion the eyeshadow palette (Age Ain’t Nothing) is a perfect blend of cool tones and warm tones.  It has a fun pop of color while also staying really neutral and easy to wear.  Mac describes the palette as “A palette of nine Eye Shadows in a moody deep neutral shade wave.”  The swatches above were done with no primer.  

The bronzer adds a beautiful glow to the skin.  It doesn’t have the usual powerhouse pigment that I’m used to with my mac bronzers, but I did enjoy the subtle warmth and glow that the bronzer gave.

I will be swatching the lipsticks very shortly. In the meantime I love these beautiful swatches by my friend Amanda (@makeup.just.for.fun on Instagram). Click here to see her page. I know you’ll love it!

She also has a YouTube (click here to check it out).

So, now that you’ve heard a little more about the collection, what do you think?  Will you be picking anything up?  Were you also a fan of Aaliyah growing up?


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