October 2017 Favorites

Hi Friends!  I haven’t done a favorites post in a while, so I wanted to give you a quick update on what I’m still loving and what new products have stolen my heart.

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Jord Wood Watch for Fall 2017 + $180 Giveaway

I’ve been so enthralled into the makeup world for the past year that I haven’t been paying too much attention to style.  But, recently after getting inspired by the upcoming Fall weather, I decided to start dressing up again. I’ve pulled out my sweaters and boots, started styling my hair a little more frequently, and started accessorizing.  One of my favorite ways to accessorize is with a watch.  I first became familiar with JORD Wood Watches in July when I hosted a giveaway with them.  It was easy to fall in love with this watch because it is beautiful and completely fits my style.  I’m also the worst at charging things, which is why I never seem to wear a watch.  I love that with my JORD watch, that isn’t something I need to worry about.   The wood of my watch goes well with all my neutral sweaters and it’s comfortable, never pinching my wrist or weighing me down!

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My Experience With Lip Fillers

I recently got fillers in my lips and wanted to share my experience with you in case any of you were considering doing it. I’m not promoting lip fillers in any way and I would encourage everyone to spend time thinking of the pros and cons of any cosmetic procedure before rushing into it.  No one NEEDS any cosmetic procedures like this, but I have been curious about fillers for quite some time, so I wanted to try them out.  Also, since they can be dissolved out if you don’t like them and they go away naturally in 8-10 months, I figured the risks were fairly minimal.
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Tartelette Toasted vs Urban Decay Naked Heat

I wanted to do a quick blog post comparing these new hyped up palettes by Urban Decay and Tarte Cosmetics.   There was definitely some controversy when the new Tartelette Toasted palette was released.  A lot of people starting comparing it to the Urban Decay Heat palette that was released at the end of July 2017 (2.5 months before the Toasted palette was released).

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Tartelette Toasted Palette- Review and Swatch

There have been SO MANY new releases this year.  I’m really starting to have a hard time keeping up and deciding which new releases I need and which one’s I can pass on.  One palette that was on my list of “wants” was the Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette 3, aka Tartelette Toasted Palette.  Chances are, you’ve already seen the gorgeously chic tortoiseshell-packaging of the Toasted Palette teased on Instagram.  If you’re like me and love a warmed tone palette, you’re going to fall in love at first sight with the Tartelette Toasted Palette.   This 12-shade palette is going to be on my vanity and my eyes non stop for the entire fall, and probably long after that.  This palette is full of rich, decadent, warm shades that have me yearning for fall leaves, spiced wine, and s’mores.  I especially love the cheeky shadow names like Flame and Cozy.  It’s natural with a fun warm fall twist.

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House of Lashes Radiant Lash

Hi Friends!  It’s no secret, if you’re following me on Instagram, that I absolutely LOVE House of Lashes.  They are a company that is always giving back to their followers and customers.  Every time I use their lashes, I’m always thrilled with how easy they are to put on and their AMAZING glue that really makes the lashes stick.


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The Best Makeup Geek Eyeshadows


I have been collecting Makeup Geek Eyeshadows steadily for years now… basically since I first heard about them while watching a YouTube tutorial from Jaclyn Hill.  If you haven’t purchased their shadows before, the shadows come packaged in a little paper envelope, ready for the naked pans to be popped in a magnetic palette.  There’s many options of places to buy empty palettes, I used to only purchase Z-Palettes, but since their recent controversy (click here if you’re interested) I decided I don’t want to purchase from them anymore.   What’s nice about having single shadows is the versatility.  I switch my palettes around all of the time depending on the season or if I’m going out of town.  I’ll rearrange and put all my favorites in one palette for a easy-to-find everyday palette. That’s what’s so nice with these magnetic palettes, you can rearrange them over and over and over again. I’ve depotted so many of my items that sometimes I’ll just bring one of the custom palettes that I made on vacation to try and save space in my luggage, instead of bringing multiple palettes because I want a specific color from each.

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